High In Style and changes

If you haven’t heard yet, our High In Style March issue was published almost two weeks ago. It’s been one of our most successful issues so far. We’ve surpassed over 4, 200 reads on issuu which is absolutely mind-blowing!! Thank you so much to everyone who supports our little publication and to every new reader that found us and like what we create.

But as we’re growing, the more demanding it is for me to juggle all the balls in the air. I’m really struggling. Big time! Something has to give before I go all loopy. And so with my deep regrets, I’ve decided to close my online store. It’s been nice working with my customers and clients who purchased my products. It started off as a side project and managed to grow a bit but in order to run the store properly, I would have to dedicate more time into creating seasonal collections and expand the offerings, which at the moment I can’t physically do. I love retail and always have. After all, my parents’ business started off as a retail and later on turned into a wholesale model in which I was heavily involved from my teens. I’m planning to reopen my store maybe as a brick and mortar one day, so definitely stay tuned.

Another change that I have to make is reduce my time spent here to once a week. On top of trying to publish High In Style issues each month, I have currently 2 remote clients who work with me via my e-design. I’ve been also working behind the scenes on the magazine’s app and the new website which will relaunch soon. I’m reaching a stage where there is so much work that it’s well beyond one person’s capacity. Physically and mentally. I’ve never ever had so much work load in my life!! If you know anyone who would be able to assist me, please let me know.

Okay, that’s enough of updating for now. Here is a sneak peek of the current issue. Please go and check it out, it’s free to read. Any feedback welcomed.



Cover by The Loft & Us – their Leopard wallpaper. Stunning, right? And so cute as well!!!