High In Style December issue out now

The December issue was the most challenging so far. With each issue I’m learning more about how to put a message across from the concept to the final version. As you know the magazine is divided into 5 categories – homes, fashion, beauty, food and travel. I start each issue with a featured designer and build the message around it. The December issue was really tricky because it’s Christmas too. I struggled to keep the balance between the usual features and the Christmasy sections.


I didn’t want the issue to be too heavy on Christmas but still have some element of it in it. I struggled for a week about how to put the content together so it flows in a logical way and the transitions are fluent. In the end I managed to find a way which I’m very happy with. I added few details like the gold glitter and sparkle dust effect to clearly define the sections.


I called the issue Cool confidence since it ties the magazine’s main features with the time of the year. The featured British designer is Rebecca Lindon, an up-and-coming interior designer with huge talent. I think she’s going to be very successful. She’s so unique in her design work. She’s pushing the boundaries but with balance, confidence and style. There are so many designers who go really crazy on everything. It’s either too bold with crazy colours on one side of the spectrum or very minimal with nothing on the other. You know, one of those full speed ahead. However, there aren’t that many of them who push it but with thought and the practical element as well. Rebecca’s work is highly individual but functional too. That’s why I had to feature her when I first came across her on Instagram. She gives tips at the end of the feature which I think sum it up really well. Go with your gut and don’t be afraid. Dig deep and find confidence in your style and ability.


The second feature on confidence is the interview I did with Emma Allsup. She’s a brilliant artist and illustrator. Her journey to what she’s doing now is very interesting. She was a teacher who craved for some creative outlet. She knew she wanted to start a business and work for herself. She started blogging and through interviewing other artists she gain confidence to do it herself. That’s very clever. You learn from others and just go for it. She’s a perfect example of someone who is in charge of their life. She’s creating and selling her art on Etsy. She’s spending each day doing what she loves!


The rest of the issue is more Christmasy. We have 4 bloggers (above is Canadian Winter Wonderland by Patricia Arruda) showing us how they decorated their home for Christmas including a great Christmas tree alternative for all year round. Our beauty contributor, Nic, is giving tips on sparkling make up (and red lipstick, no Christmas can be without it) that is very subtle but chic. Our fashion editor, Flavia, is giving alternative ideas to sequinned outfits which are so typical and overused at Christmas.


 As a last minute entry, I managed get some great tips from head executive chef, Ben Purton, at Lancaster London hotel on party food. Plus there is a super quick turkey leftover recipe. I always struggle with turkey after Christmas day!


Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely award-winning blog came to rescue with her travel piece of North Wales beaches and her favourite place where she reflects and collects her thoughts. Great imagery. So stunning, right?!!


I could go on and on but this post would be way to long so go and click here to read the whole issue. Packed with so much good stuff, inspiration and ideas, I think this issue is one of the best I produced so far!! Let me know what you think via Twitter or email. xkb