High In Style January issue

January issue was very different. I did my first ever fashion shoot by myself with small product loans. It’s a step in the right direction. From day one I knew I wanted to create my own fashion shoots which would be unique to our magazine. It’s really hard when you don’t have a budget to do location shoots. We are basically diying everything ourselves. It’s definitely something I want to work towards once the magazine starts generating some revenue.


The other thing I did was to design the content flow that is more fluid. I grounded the whole issue with “the colours of the month” which is the new section of the magazine. It doesn’t mean that the issue is focused on those colours. Rather, the content flows better, it’s easy on the eye and makes more sense. At least to me. I really gave myself much more work to do with this but in the end it turned out great.


The interiors section is featuring American interior designer Becki Owens. I love her design work and style which is very clean, simple yet elegant, modern and unexpected.


We have a new food contributor, Jemma from Celery and Cupcakes. I chose her because we have the same view on home cooking, even though her approach is more into healthy wholesome meals. I think she’s great and definitely she will inspire our readers, me as well, about experimenting more ingredients.

I also included a mini Valentine’s beauty and food section because, since we publish in the middle of the month, we would have missed it in the February issue. The one thing that the magazine is teaching me is planning ahead. Before I would never look at these VID (very important dates) until like few days in advance. I mean there is already so much to do and think about, so why clutter my brain with something which is still far away??  But now, I have to plan the content and engage my brain into future. It’s bonkers.

Anyways. This issue is packed with inspiration, ideas and tips – from interiors, fashion to beauty. Plus there is a great inspiring story at the end. You can’t miss it!! Go and read it here. 

Let me know what you think.xkb