Home office makeover on a budget

Because my living room makeover with Next was so popular I decided to quickly pull together home office using, again, Next products. I started talking about home office essentials earlier this week and today I want to show you an example of how to create a functional home office that won’t burn your wallet  and which is stylish and feminine. Basically your space. Your zone. No kids or husbands allowed! If you can do that.





Sources: Ceiling light / bookcase / desk / chair  /cushion / armchair /table lamp / rug

When buying furniture from one place the key is to mix, mix and mix. No sets! So what do you think? Oh by the way the desk is a dining table and the chair is also in the dining room section. Are you planning a home office makeover? Let me know. I’m happy to come up with a design that reflects your personality and is within your budget. Or I’m just happy to source products for you.

Karolina Barnes


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