Lifestyle magazine

From my previous post you know that I’ve launched a brand new digital lifestyle magazine. I’m definitely a go getter. I don’t like wasting time. When I make up my mind, I just go and do it. This month marks the 2 year anniversary of my Inside KB Studio blog. I fell into the world of blogging by complete accident. With no previous clue about this online world, social media (which I tried to avoid as much as I could) or blogs in fact, I started to consume information which I loved. Interiors, fashion, beauty, food and travel. I curated my own little “magazine” on Bloglovin and initially, I loved it. I learned tons and thought: “Oh my God, this is great!”

When I look back on Inside KB Studio blog, I can see that I was trying to adopt this concept of “magazine” format from day 1. I was writing about family meals we cooked at home, art, fashion, travel, home decor products and of course interiors. My other half kept constantly telling me that: “You’re doing it wrong!!!” Family meals don’t make sense on an interior designer’s blog.

It took me 18 months to get the message. A lesson learnt. BUT. I just wanted to be like the other bloggers who could write about anything. Anyway. Few months ago I decided to strip down the content to only topics related to my work. I started giving more designer’s tips, what I’ve learned when working with clients and latest products I discover for my projects.

Now we’re approaching the summer holidays and while relaxing = flicking through a couple of magazines (which I bought for EUR 20 because imported publications are so damn expensive!!), I had a light bulb moment. It’s like something hit me over my head. I went back to the hotel suite and announced to my family: “I’m going to do my own magazine.” They didn’t take any notice and even started laughing.

They didn’t believe me but here we are. This is how I launched it…in 22 days!!


It’s still early days but the response has been phenomenal. The concept is slightly different from other lifestyle magazine publications.  It’s very visual and easy on the eye.  It’s like combining helpful blog posts with visual experience but without the information overload. The magazine is everything what I always wanted to write about here on my blog. I’m so grateful to all contributors, featured designers and small shop owners who took time to send me their content and images. This first issue wouldn’t have happened without them.

But no time to rest. We are already planning the October issue, which is even more exciting.

In the meantime, tap on the image below and read the debut issue! I hope you like it. And please come over to Twitter and let me know what you think! Thank you. xkb