How low should my chandelier hang over dining table

Last week I got asked this question: “What is the lowest point I can hang my chandelier over a dining table?” So I thought it might be a great question to share in my “Ask the Designer” series. It can be quite tricky to work this out because you don’t want to hang it too low nor too high. So here is a quick guide which you can easily implement in your dining room.

Initially I responded “around 80cm” but then I came across this helpful illustration which suggests even slightly lower than that. 76cm actually. I would say that the height and size of your dining table will play a role in this as well. But still this is a great simple guide which you can use next time you are hanging lighting over your dining table. So save it, bookmark it, print it if you want.


So if your table is 48″ wide which is 122cm than your ceiling pendant should be around 36″ which is 92cm (max.) in size and can be hang between 30″ to 36″ which is 76cm to 92cm height.

Personally in my dining room I found that 80cm height is the lowest point I can get it to. If it was any lower than that it wouldn’t be so practical with 2 kids and their friends (if they come for parties or afternoons after school) around. But this is just my personal opinion. If you have a large round table and your chandelier is large hang it around 76cm height mark. Like in the first example below.

Back later with my new competition. See you then.

Karolina Barnes

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