How to do a small living room makeover part 1.

So my living and dinning room makeovers are almost finished. Stay tuned for the final pics. In the meantime, I thought I give you some tips on how to do a living room mini makeover.

I like to change the look of my home quite often as I get bored quickly and it’s also good for experimenting before I present my ideas to my clients. To make a new colour scheme makeover and considering that you are on a small budget and you have two sofas, an armchair, a coffee table and a TV cabinet which is about the average furniture list for a living room, you will need:

1. 8 x cushions
2. pair of curtains (for each window)
3. wallpaper (amount of rolls will be determined by the size of your room)
4. wall paint (again amounts will be determined by the size of your walls, ceiling height etc)
5. 2 x table lamps
6. 1 x floor lamp
7. rug
8. wall art
9. mirror

So let’s look at each in more detail starting with CUSHIONS.
It is a good idea to create a fabric and cushion plan. If you are using customised cushions from the fabric you have chosen, you need to calculate how much material you will need. In general 1 metre of fabric will give you 2 cushions of 45 x 45cm in size. If you are using a patterned fabric you can use a plain fabric for the back, which will give you 4 cushions in total. In this way you can afford a more expensive fabric,  “the showstopper” for the front and for example a plain linen for the back.
I have determined 8 cushions as average, since you will need 4 to go on your largest sofa (3-seater) and 3 to go on a 2-seater and 1 to go on the armchair. I like to combine different textures, patterns and colours so you have the freedom to play with different cushion designs. I normally get 2 pairs of cushions on my largest sofa, another pair to go on my 2-seater and another pair to go on the armchair and the 2-seater positioned in the middle. Here is an example…

The fabrics I have used in this examples are…

Don’t forget the blanket. It adds another layer of texture and colour to your scheme and ties the whole thing together. Are you looking for the perfect cushion? If you can’t find it in the shop, don’t despair. Making your own is cost effective and simple to do. Even if you don’t want to make one yourself, find a local curtain maker or interior designer in your area. We offer bespoke cushions from £35 onwards.  Let you me know if you need help.

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