How to do a small living room makeover part 2.

Today I want to expand on curtains as a window treatment and how to accessorise with them. Consider curtains as another avenue of expressing yourself. The good thing about curtains is that you can change the look and your scheme so easily with them.

After sofas, curtains are the second largest area covered in fabrics so the fabric that you choose has to introduce texture, pattern and/or colour. Taking the case study from my previous example above – my OPTION 1. shows a lighter shade of blue is introduced to the scheme while keeping it cohesive. The shade of green is picked up from one of the cushion fabric.

This option shows how more purple hue is introduced into the scheme with taupe, silver and black.

This option highlights more of the green in the scheme. The colour is balanced by the white background.


More neutral than the other options with textured detail. The velvet fabric introduces luxury and cosiness.

See how different fabrics, patterns and colours change the feel of the room? It’s all about balance and detail. So next time when you are buying your curtains think about how you want your room to feel rather than just matching things up. Think little bit outside the box by introducing an unusual pattern, colour or material. Be brave and try pattern on pattern design as shown in this post. Good luck!



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