Checklist: How to inject colour into your bedroom without touching the walls

On Tuesday I showed you a quick rental bedroom makeover I did in Prague while I was there to see my family. This was a truly speedy mini makeover project that I did literally within couple of days. One day sourcing and the following day the install. I love doing these little makeovers because they are so effective yet so easy to do.

Injecting colour into your bedroom when you don’t want to touch the walls (doing painting or wallpapering) comes down to 4 stages: research, planning, sourcing and install.

Each stage has its own steps and today I’m sharing “How to inject colour in your bedroom”  checklist to help you achieve something similar in your bedroom. You can pin it, download it and keep it for your record. Pull it out next time your bedroom needs a little refresh and quick update!


To give you an idea of how the bedroom in this example turned out, here’s how it is looking now. You can see more photos including before and afters here.


All I did was I pulled the room together with colours! “How do you do this? Where do you start?” you might be asking.

Well, hopefully the checklist above will give you some direction how I start with my colour scheme and where it takes me. But to give you more details and more specific step-by-step guide, I created templates for mini makeover projects like these.

These templates help me to stay focused and organised so I don’t waste time and money during the process. And when it comes to the install day, you can literally do them within a day!

Yes, you’re heard me..within one day! Because these makeovers don’t require any major decorating or building jobs, you can do them within school hours.  It’s all about dressing the room. Making it colourful and personal yet tasteful and cohesive.

And so if you’re planning to give your bedroom a mini makeover, on Tuesday I will be making these templates available for you to download!

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Karolina xx