How to prepare your home for holidays

There is nothing better than coming to a clean home, don’t you agree? Especially after you’ve been pampered for few days or weeks away. You’re all relaxed and stress-free and the last thing you want to do is to start frantically hoovering like a crazy woman. The one thing I don’t want to do is get stressed as soon as I enter our house.

This, however, means that I (I’m mean we, since I get everybody involved) have more work before we head off.

It drives my family nuts. Honestly, I’m like the army general giving orders. “You clean the upstairs bathroom and you do the dusting..EVERYWHERE..and don’t forget the window sills!”, I shout at my girls. “Put the ladder away in the loft” I order my other half.  “Why do we need to do all that?” he shouts back. “We will probably need it back down after we get back!”

“Grrr, just DO IT!” I order back.

As you can imagine we don’t just do the routine weekly cleaning, we do the semi-spring cleaning. It’s like I’m mentally competing with the 5-star hotel we’ll be staying at.

Everything has to be spanking clean, organised and all junk has to be put away. I want our home to look perfect when we come back. And usually it does. Plus I get “Isn’t it nice to be home?” from my Mr.Why do we need to do all that himself, when he walks in. Yeah, it is ..but it didn’t happen by itself, did it?

There are few things I do before our departure to get this “nice to be home” feeling. For example, I change all beds into clean fresh bedlinen and spray some perfume on the pillows. I first started doing this for our guests in the guest room which I got lots of compliments about. My mum (who is like the biggest eau de perfume collector ever!!) was the first one to reveal my secret. She came down one morning stating “I really like Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Did you put it on my pillow?” Since I’m unable to lie about anything to her, I had to confess.

Another thing I do is that I never leave the kitchen in a mess. This goes back to my childhood when I was constantly reminded by my grandmother that “messy kitchen means a messy home”. To this day this comment left me with washing up the last glass and putting it away even if the taxi is already waiting outside!

Anyway, I could go on and on so instead, I created this quick checklist. And yes, you can save and pin it for when you need it.



Hope this helps. Let me know, if you have any other rituals you do before you take off for your holidays. Send me a tweet and share them!

Karolina xx

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