Increase your space by changing the furniture layout

I’m working on a bedroom makeover project (see my design proposals here) and one of the major changes I’m making to the room is moving the furniture around so it works better in that space. I’m also looking at the scale, sizes and proportions

of the furniture so it’s easier to move around. Have a look at the furniture layout before and after…

The red circles indicate the difficulty of moving around the furniture and the dead spaces. By the window on the left there was a shelf cabinet with a flat TV. Even though the cabinet itself fitted in the corner, the TV had to be turned at an angle because the screen was too wide. On the other side of the window there was a space which wasn’t used at all. The biggest problem in the room was the writing desk with the chair which was right next to the en-suite door. One couldn’t go into the bathroom if someone was sitting at the desk. Also if someone was sitting on the edge of the bed there was a very small space to open the wardrobe door. This room wasn’t working to everyday family needs anymore.
I’ve decided to move the bed around under the window and get rid of the writing desk. We also put a large display cabinet in for extra storage and a proper discreet TV cabinet. The room feels so much bigger! You can easily move around without any difficulty. The wardrobe door can be open fully because the edge of the bed is now facing the entrance and the TV cabinet.

Stay tuned for the final reveal. In the meantime, I came across some photos of my daughter’s bedroom from about 5 years ago when we bought her a bunk bed (toddler to pupil transition). I didn’t consider the space as such and kept all the existing furniture in the room. I think many parents to do that too. We just buy a new bed and everything else has to squeeze around it. Take a look and learn from my mistakes..

I kept a small cabinet which stored toys, ideal place for clutter and a fan as well!

This picture is from a small update I did for her when she had to share her room with her sister. I painted the walls white and one wall was orange because she wasn’t a “baby” anymore. But again I left the bookcase there and the Ikea chair was probably a new addition. Awful! What was I thinking? The chair was there just to fill the space because they never used it and to find a book in the bookcase was very challenging. The second top shelf was a killer.  I had to bend my arm and try to get it or just throw all books on the floor. But back then I had my own business and was going through a radiotherapy so my mind was somewhere else.

Her bedroom got another makeover last summer. I got rid of the oversized bookcase, the Ikea chair, the small cabinet and lots of toys and stuff she didn’t even know she had. Here is how it looks now… most of the time.

She has a smaller desk that fits under the bunk bed, a slim tall cabinet with drawers for her books and girly things, and a chest of drawers which was in her sister’s bedroom. She loves her noticeboard where she can put up her favourite photos with her friends. The one thing which I added recently was a voile which I put up to cover the bed slats and the mattress.


1. Consider the size of your room and size of your furniture.

2. Don’t leave furniture in your room “just because we bought it for that room”.

3. Don’t obstruct your frequently used areas with furniture or unnecessary objects.

4. Shift furniture around the house or buy new furniture that can fit into your space and give you enough room to move around.

5. Consider bespoke furniture design for awkward spaces. Bespoke doesn’t mean mega expensive. Contact me for a quote and you’ll be surprised.





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