Introducing Wendy Morrison rugs

First day in the office after the bank holiday and it’s been manic. No, I haven’t taken any days off in case you’re wondering. I wish I could!! I’ve been working non-stop clocking in 70 hours a week. But it doesn’t feel like work at all! Anyways. I’ve been in London all week meeting great creative and chic mamas for our magazine features. I can’t wait to share with you what we’re working on. I have new contributors joining the team, new features and inspirational interviews which I recorded.

Today, I’ve been doing a small shoot with one of Wendy Morrison rugs and thought I introduce her rugs here as well. Sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for; what your vision is.  I was looking for something geometric and vibrant. I asked Wendy if she could send me a sample and she sent me a whole rug!! It was great seeing it in real life. It’s so stunning!! The colours are strong and I love the design. This is definitely one of the game changers for any room. Okay, now you might think it’s too much, too bold, too loud. But, if it’s balanced well within the space, it doesn’t have to seem like that.  It just needs some other attention seekers that divert the attention away from its boldness.

If you’re still not convinced, I also love this Raika rug below. It’s from her new collection “Curated” which will be available within the next month or so.


Made from hand knotted wool and silk. The wool is sourced from nomadic desert sheep of the great Indian Thar desert.  Life spent under the strong, hard sun means their wool becomes soft and shiny and is the perfect background for the gorgeous sari silk used for the motifs. The sari silk is made up of old saris so is recycled and eco-friendly. Amazing!!

Let me know, if you’d like more information, samples or prices. To see all Wendy Morrison’s rug, head over to her website.


P.S. If you haven’t read our latest issue yet, you can read it for free here. Our May issue is out end next week!!