Kidsroom design proposals

Last month, I posted a blog about my new design project for a brother and sister sharing a bedroom here. Well, today I want show you my design proposals. As I had a white canvas I created 4 options. Have a look..

 Option 1. Pink meets blue scheme


I have started with the traditional blue and pink scheme which clearly defines the boy and girl space. I’ve chosen the Scion bold wallpaper which breaks the wall colours but unites them together. I like using this wallpaper because it goes well with most colours. In this room particular, it goes well with pink and the sky blue walls. As an accent colour I introduced lime green for freshness and punch.

Option 2. Themed scheme

Here we have a completely different scheme designed around Chelsea football club wallpaper and metallic silver butterflies on pink. With my client we considered it as an option to introduce some element of the Chelsea club since the little boy is a massive fan. But we also had to think about his sister. I went for more textured rather than patterned fabrics so the walls could be the main focal point. You can’t see it very well from the drawings but both wallpapers have similar sized pattern. I think it looks much better than if one wallpaper pattern was very large and the other one small. Also it keeps the walls in proportions and balance. To meet the Chelsea blue and pink butterflies, I’ve chosen light grey as a neutral backdrop.

Option 3. Playing it safe scheme

Instead of pink meets blue, here we have peach meets blue. This scheme I designed around this peachy orange grasscloth wallpaper. Great textured feel, great for boys and girls rooms. It goes so well with any tone and shade of blue. Orange is actually such a great unisex colour when comes for children rooms. You can mix it with blue or pink to define who lives in the space.


Option 4. Fun and bold timeless scheme

In this last proposal design, my starting point was this stunningly elegant wallpaper from Harlequin in aquamarine. Its geometric, metallic pattern is very unisex. Tie it with navy blue and black for more masculine look or with deep purple and yellow for more girly look. Fuchsia pink would also go so well with it.

So here we are guys. Which one will it be? Which one would you choose?
Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your opinion.


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