Leather trousers winter ideas

I’ve been thinking whether to invest in leather trousers for a while now. I don’t know if I have the confidence to wear them though. I guess the way to find out is just to get them and see how it feels. I really like the look, especially with blouse and fur, or woolly oversized jumper.

So I’ve been searching the internet for see what’s actually out there within my budget. The real leather ones are not cheap so I’m on the fence here whether to go for real or faux. But what if I get the real thing and then don’t wear them? Also I’m not sure whether I should go for coloured or black ones?

H & M and Zara have few which I like.


I really like the leather – fur- hat combo. So chic!

Or with white..

I also lOVE this look. Simple, layered, elegant and chic for everyday wear.

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Have you got leather trousers? Do you like wearing them? Have you got faux or the real thing?

Have a nice weekend! Back on Monday!

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    I debated about taking the plunge too. I ended up with faux one’s from TK Max. The good thing about faux, is that you can wash them, and they have not gone baggy
    Laurie x

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