Let’s share

Decorating a bedroom for siblings can be quite tricky. Especially when the space is quite limited and small. I remember as a child I had to share a bedroom with my younger sister and it wasn’t actually that bad. We used to chat in evenings before we fell asleep which was great. When we grew older my mum used a wardrobe as a room divider so each of us had some privacy. My new project is a bedroom for two boys. Their favourite colours are orange, light blue and grey. There are endless options on where to take this bedroom but I created 4 ideas for consideration. Let’s share..





When it comes to kids rooms staying away from themes guarantees longevity and well balanced space. I think there is a tendency of going OTT with themed rooms. I call it “Barbie and Bob the builder overload”.  From wallpaper, bedding, posters, art, cushions to lamps and rugs, the room becomes a wild playground rather than a calming and stimulating space.

The idea for this boys bedroom was to create a “neutral yet interesting” backdrop which can adapt easily as the boys will grow. I started with grey and black and added orange and duck egg as accents. To me grey and black in particular are elegant colours that enhance the room giving it an ageless feel. The intensity of the colours can be turned up or down. From light soft shades to more bolder, richer ones. There is no right or wrong because all work well in this room.

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