Light bulb movement: Jewellery chandeliers

I always get very excited when I see products which are not following any trends. Instead they are pushing the boundaries of design, creativity and innovation. This week a New York based lighting company called Roll &  Hill was brought to my attention and my oh my…my jaw dropped!




Founded in 2010, they are leading the way of contemporary American lighting design. They work with emerging and well established designers to create stunning lighting statement pieces. Some are inspired by jewellery while others are inspired by natural materials, shapes and metals. They experiment with light qualities. They study light reflection and transformations (meaning object appearing and disappearing with light intensity). They use mirrored glass, bronze, polished aluminium which to you might not mean a thing but these are all very exciting materials and finishes. They require high level of skill, understanding, knowledge and experience. These guys are on the forefront of the lighting industry.

Anyway, had to share this with you. If you want to find out more about Roll & Hill, head over to their website. For UK enquiries, please contact me here, I have a new supplier who stocks them.

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