London Design Week March 2015 tour

On a mission to source new samples for my projects and to see what’s hot in the interior design industry in London I set off to the LDW15 – London Design Week last Friday. It was the last day of the show and it was super busy. Plus I had only one hour to run around the centre as I had to head back for S.B. class assembly. Save to say it was was one of those “flying visits!” I got back with my arms at the floor level from dragging bags of samples, stone, glass, fabrics, wallpapers and catalogues across London and home to Kent. Who needs the gym when you can have bags of samples? Great exercise! Especially when running to catch a train!

Anyway, I managed to see most of my suppliers and what’s currently trending. I took lots of photos but this post would be never-ending so I put a mini tour together on a slide. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Highlights and observations:

1. In fabrics and wallpapers I noticed a heavy influence from nature. Flowers, birds, fish and animals in general are very popular in print. Also bolder colours and large patterns were displayed in most showrooms.

Bold-fabricsss15Showrooms: Romo and Zimmer + Rohre

2. In lighting design brass, gold and metal are the key materials. Again nature is present as an inspiration in some of the designs.

3. Natural wood and specially treated and cut wood to create interesting patterns was one of the trends I noticed in furniture design. High end furniture was made in various styles but mostly treated high gloss and decorated with gold hardware.

4. In tiles, marble and semi precious stones are still very popular. One of the latest trends is treating the stone with gold leaf to achieve a metallic look while retaining the characteristics and visual appearance of a natural stone, in particular travertine. Also mosaic is still going strong with new and unusual patterns and stone combinations.

LDW15-detailsShowrooms: Ann Sacks and Porta Romana

5. Abstract rugs and rugs with interesting patterns like geometric and textures are also trending. Love the design from Tufenkian Carpets on the left.

 Rugs-trends15Showrooms: Tufenkian and Tim Page Carpets

The centre was mainly decorated in Spring theme. Lots of greens and creams which was so nice and refreshing to see. This picture pretty much sums it up.

London design week Spring 2015


So here you are. Don’t forget to check out the slide video it has loads more images from the show. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

And if you visited the show as well and spotted some other trends which I didn’t pick up, please feel free to comment below.

Karolina Barnes Studio