Case study: luxury bathroom with personality

I came across this bathroom on Pinterest and thought it would be a great case study as a luxury bathroom with personality. So how do you achieve that? By using unusual materials, furniture, finishes and accessories. Now, many people think that you have to use marble if you want luxury. Marble equals luxury, right?  But marble, these days, is everywhere. I think because it’s so overused it’s not enough. To me the most bathrooms I see with calacatta or nero marquinia are not personal and unique. Yes, they might look luxurious and hotel-like but they don’t show the owners personality. And yes, bathrooms and kitchens are the harder rooms to bring your personality into but it’s not a mission impossible, if you know what I mean.

So what do you do if you want to create luxurious bathroom but with your personality?

Luxury bathroom with personality

Let’s break it down..

1/ Statement lighting – don’t try to match the style of the bathroom with the style of the lighting. Go eclectic. To me this pendant says a lot about the owners. They probably like travelling, they like natural products and mix of styles.

2/ Unusual tile finish – I love these tiles. They are almost like wallpaper.


Choose your tiles to your style/personality. Find that “this is me” tile.  In this case the owners went for lace tiles. These are porcelain tiles printed with truly unique lace-like patterns. Each pattern is different, each tile is different. Take a look a closer look.

pattern tiles

These tiles are designed by Patricia Urquiola. If you haven’t heard of her, she is a very well known Spanish designer working with big interior brands like B & B Italia, Mutina, Flos and many others. The idea behind this collection of tiles was to create a soft lace pattern with irregular texture but very luxurious feel at the same time. See how it creates a very subtle sheen in places? Depending on the light the tile gives this very interesting soft, velvety-like texture. It can easily replace wallpaper in wet areas.

Lace patterned tiles

You can see that these tiles come in various colours, shapes and formats. From light to dark, from mosaic, hexagons to large size tiles. I really like the black tiles in our case study bathroom though. It’s very elegant.

3/ Gold hardware – if you want to inject little bit of luxury go for gold. Nowadays, taps and hardware accessories come in every style you can thing of.  In this case they went for modern look with simple, clean lines.

4/ Furniture – don’t forget that each element is an opportunity for you to express your personality. This includes furniture like cabinetry, sink and bath tub. Search for the perfect piece and don’t settle on second best. Clearly this owner like eclectic style and mixes modern with traditional detailing. Look at the shape of the bath tub compared to the cabinet legs and then the mirror frame. 3 completely different styles yet making the bathroom cohesive and interesting. It’s also important to add another layer of texture, colour and finish. In this case it is the type of wood on the cabinet door that has been chosen which adds another dimension to the space.

5/ Inject personality through mirrors /frames / accessories – the devil is in the detail. So pay attention to the smallest object you want in your bathroom. So many people skip this and only concentrate on the “big jobs” but small details make all the difference in the world. This is were you can shine.

So all the above points make this bathroom truly unique and luxurious (most of the products are high end) but you know you don’t always have to go for marble to achieve luxury and true uniqueness.

I quickly put together “Get the Look” inspired by this bathroom. Take a look.



Sources: tiles / tap / bath tub / washbasin / pendant

How do you define luxury?

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Btw: Happy to source the products I talked about in this post. Some of them are available to trade and only a handful of suppliers offer them. Let me know if interested.