Maison & Object Paris 2013 Review Part 1

After going through 8 large halls and  two suitcases of brochures, leaflets and websites as a result, I’m finally ready to post my review of one of the biggest interiors exhibition in Europe  Maison & Object in Paris.

There is so much to write about – new trends, styles, colours, designs and everything else related to interiors and design. because there is so much to discuss I decided to split my observations into several categories which I will be posting shortly. Today I will focus on trend number one, which is oversizing. Oversized lamps, chairs, plant pots, furniture. Lighting was especially presenting this trend. Have a look at the photos below.

This large pendant is made by a Dutch company AangenaamXL. They also have large vases and mirrors.

Aren’t these stunning for a children’s room?

These stunning table lamps are made from recycled glass and available from Europe 2 you. I love them and the price is reasonable too.
I love this oversized balloon. Made by a French company YouNow it is a futuristic take on beanbag. It’s very comfortable to sit on, made of soft foam in the upper part and filled with polystyrene balls at the bottom. When not in use, the seat can be shaped into a proper gigantic balloon.
Macaroons anyone? These plastic macaroons seats come in the colours below – very trendy. Made by a French company Paris Fun & Chic – that says it all! I want one now.

 Fatboy stand. Can any lamp get larger than this?

How cool is this vase? Made by AangenaamXL.

Traditional meets contemporary. I love the colour combination.



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