Makeover your bedroom within a day – part 1.

Do you ever get tired of your wardrobe? You open it in the morning, it’s stuffed to the brim and yet you scream in frustration “I have absolutely NOTHING to wear!!, for God sake!!!” So, at your earliest opportunity – once you drop the kids off at school – you go into your nearest mall and start hunting for something that would make you feel better. Something that would go well with the other garments you already own. Or, you go completely the opposite direction and start from fresh.

Maybe it’s new style, fabric, pattern or colours, right? You find the perfect OMG-I-have-to-have-that-dress but wait a minute.. it.does.NOT.go.with.anything I already have! “I need new shoes, handbag, a jacket” – let’s get few options here..just in case. And before you know it you leave with completely new wardrobe. Now I’m happy and finally I have “something to wear’! Job DONE.

These wardrobe mini makeovers give us confidence, self-esteem and purpose. Did you know that wearing well fitted comfortable yet flattering clothes has an effect on how we feel and interact with others? It just feels good, right?

But did you also know that the same feeling you can get from a mini makeover in your home? Without any major building and decorating work? And guess what.. the feeling of novelty lasts longer! It’s great. It’s even better!


As promised last week, today I want to give you some tools so you can do these mini room makeovers yourself. Starting with your bedroom. Bedroom should be the most private space in your home. A space where you can relax and recharge before you go out and face the world again. It should make you smile. In it you should feel safe, content and proud.

Similar to wardrobe makeover, your bedroom mini makeover can be done pretty fast as well. But before the install day, you need to do little prep work first. Hence the title of this article is “Makeover your bedroom within a day – PART 1.” 

Last week I showed you the basic bedroom makeover checklist upon which I want to expand a little more.

By the end of this article you should know:

1. where and how to get inspiration for your bedroom

2. how to identify your starting point (which will help you with building the colour & style story)

3. how to start your product search

PLUS you’ll also get a shopping list template for you to save, pin, print …so keep reading!

Okay, let’s start.


    Every design project, big or small, should start with inspiration and idea about what you want to achieve. I used to work with clients who had no clue. “You’re the designer, so design something I like! That’s your job!” It drove me CRAZYYYY! What are the chances of going to a hairdresser and liking the finished haircut on the basis of leaving it to them? One: you’re very brave if you do that. Two: most likely you hate it. Three: if you do hate it, you stuck with it for a few months until your hair grows a bit, not even mentioning the hair colour! Getting inspiration and knowing what you want is absolutely vital, no matter how small your makeover is! So where do you find it?


    1. Home decor: Houzz, Pinterest, magazines – Elle Decor (US, Canada, German, Swiss, Italian versions are the best for creative, unusual, individual and colourful ideas. UK version, Elle Decoration, is quite disappointing unless you like Scandi or dark interiors), Living Etc and House & Garden – the UK version is much better. Also check out Object International (European lifestyle magazine featuring best design across Europe). My favourite!

    2. Fashion: The reason why I look to fashion for inspiration is that designers work with different fabrics, styles and designs, which can be translated into home decor. They’re already dishing out a colour combo, textures and pattern mixes without you even realising it. Just by looking at how they put an outfit together you can learn so much and get inspired by.

    Let’s take Chanel for example. Chanel’s trademark look (correct me if I’m wrong), is to mix heavier fabrics with silk and accessorise with layers of pearls. In your bedroom it would mean layering your bed with blankets against pure white cotton bed linen and using a statement chandelier to accessorise the space. Get it?

    3. Art: one of the best places to find inspiration. Similar to the point above, artists understand the power of colours, shapes, texture etc. You don’t have to be an art expert, all you’re looking for is a piece which evokes some “good feeling” emotion in you.


    Okay, so you’ve done some inspiration search and now you need your starting point which will serve as the basis for your makeover project. The best way to do it is to create a mood board. It doesn’t have to be as professional as the one on the example below. It can be a collage of your favourite pictures you came across. Rip out pages from magazines, catalogues or brochures and stick them on a piece of paper. The outcome you are looking for is to define and clarify your colour scheme, textures and style you want to achieve.


    If this is too much for you, pick a piece of art. Simple. This is what we did in my latest bedroom makeover. It all started with this piece.




    Once you have your colour scheme sorted (I recommend to have 4 core colours) and you know what style and feel of your bedroom you want to achieve, the next step is to start looking for products. Headboard, bed linen, decorative cushions, rugs, lighting and accessories are game changers! I dedicated a whole section to each of these in my “Makeover your bedroom within a day” guide which is too long to cover here on the blog.

    Before you start your search though, you need to roughly know the colour flow. Colour flow defines ideal colours each item should have. For example, I defined white (the backdrop), black, blush pink and teal (as accents) and possibly fuchsia pink as another accent option in  my last bedroom makeover. I knew I wanted black to be on picture frames (to make a sharp contrast against the white walls) but I also needed black to appear somewhere else to make a connection. I was considering either cushions or a bed throw. If none of this was available within my budget I would also consider a rug as an option.

    Another example: I wanted to pull out blush pink and put it in the space somewhere. Bed was the most obvious choice so I knew I was looking for either blush pink bed linen set or cushions. Once I found the bed linen it was easy for me to define the colour of the blanket, the decorative cushions and everything else. It’s like a puzzle. It all needs to flow throughout the space in various proportions. The image below shows you the colour flow, taken from my Makeover your bedroom within a day guide,  in detail.


    So basically your shopping list acts also as your colour guide. Without it you’ll be shooting blank, making mistakes and wasting your time. The best way to start your search is to start with textiles! Work within your chosen colour palette of 4 colours and add more if you feel more confident.

    To guide you through this process, use the shopping list checklist below (again taken from my Makeover your bedroom within a day guide , which if you’re on my KB Design Club list you already have) and note all the details if necessary.


Next week, in PART 2., I will cover how to manage your sourcing and budgeting in more detail. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can download my “Makeover your bedroom within a day” guide here.

Let me know how you’re getting on.

Karolina xx