Metro tiles for kitchen splashback

Metro tiles are, in my opinion,  one of the best tile options for kitchen splashbacks. There are certain types of tiles which are better suited for kitchens rather than domestic bathrooms and vice versa. And metro tiles, even though can be installed in bathroom, are just better for kitchens. Mosaic, on the other hand, I see more in bathroom installations rather than kitchens. Basically if you want to refresh your outdated kitchen and don’t know where to start, metro tiles should be high up on your shopping list.

Now the good thing about metro tiles is that not only you can choose from wide range of colours and finishes, like matt, honed, polished or glossy, but also different materials. Glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, copper, aluminium, mirror the list goes on. What’s more you can also choose how you want them to be installed. Herringbone, stacked, horizontal or vertical. The edges can be smooth or bevelled.

Natural stone such as marble is also a great choice if your budget allows it. The interesting thing is that it adds another dimension with its unique pattern which only mother nature can create. Each tile is different. Also with natural stone you can have them cut to any size so you don’t have to stick to the standard 7.5 x 15cm.

Marble has to be specially treated and sealed as it is naturally porous. But the extra attention is totally worth it. For extra drama you can also go for this one. Dark and metallic. Some of these tiles are even coated with real gold.

Metro tiles are so versatile. You can play with so many options and also the colour of the grout. It doesn’t always have to be white or matching the tile. Go for contrast I say.

Where to get good quality metro tiles?

I would first start with Fired Earth. They have such a wide range that you will be immediately inspired. For more modern tiles I would go to Surface Tiles. Finally for natural stone I’d recommend Mandarin Stone.
If you’re stuck on choosing tiles for your splash back I’m happy to help. Just send me a quick email with a photo of your kitchen and I will be able to put you in the right direction.

Karolina Barnes


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    I know you said that you think that kitchens suit subway tiles more than bathrooms, however i was thinking of making a cohesive look for my house and putting them in both. What do you think? Little point in coordinating them? It’s a terraced house so they aren’t next to one another. The house isn’t our dream home and we’re just trying to improve it to sell on (kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, they say).
    As a side note, i really like penny tiles too, they’re just a bit more expensive. I actually think putting pennies on the floor and subways on the wall of a bathroom, in different colours, is a really neat look.

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      Hi Laura, of course you can use subway tiles in both kitchen and bathrooms. I just see them more in combination with wood and marble in kitchens. But the same effect can be also achieved in bathrooms if you have wood cabinets and marble tops. I think if you have the intention of improving and selling your house, then it makes more sense to make it more cohesive and “safe” in terms of the design so you maximise your selling advantage. Whatever upgrade you do it will already make a huge difference. In terms of the penny tiles, it’s a very personal preference. There are some really great / expensive options like glass or marble pennies are really good but once you try to achieve the look with cheaper DIY store alternatives I’m not sure whether the result might compromised. But I wouldn’t be put off by the prices because you can still create a feature using the pennies somewhere in the bathroom but in much smaller quantities so it doesn’t eat up too much of your budget. What I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t compromise on the quality over the design. You can cover the walls and floors in basic tiles and then have a “wow” designer feature somewhere in your design. It’s like mixing high street with designer. Have you got some samples? Do you know what colours you want?x

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