Moroccan rugs

Have you heard of Rugs & Poufs? It’s a British based company selling Moroccan traditional rugs and accessories. When I first came across Rugs & Poufs I was immediately drawn to the bold vibrant colours and patterns.

I asked the owner, Denise Doff, whether she could give me more insight into her company and the products. She agreed. She is an interior designer and lived in Marrakech for 12 years so she really understands the rug production and design very well.

moroccan rugs red

How did you get into selling Moroccan products?

As an Interior designer the process of furnishing and styling my own Marrakech riad in 2002 was a complete thrill. We made everything from beds to lamps and the artisans that worked on the riad using traditional techniques were truly amazing. I started to buy and bring lanterns, throws, ceramics and jewellery back to London for others. Over time I discovered that carpets were my biggest passion and I lived in the ideal place, next to the ‘Souk de Tapis’.

 Why is Rugs & Poufs different from other home decor retailers on the market?

Rugs and Poufs is a small company and my customers really benefit from my expertise as a designer. I hand pick every rug and can source to brief.

 Is colour an important element when designing with your products?

I am always happy to advise customers on balancing colour & design. The joy is to create a modern stylish interior with selected pieces. Colour can be very important, I love choosing and creating things that can add real impact to a look.

Are there any particular trends that are popular with your customers?

The trend for neutral interiors using Beni Ourains (that’s the diamond pattern) continues and there are so many beautiful examples in Interiors magazines of these carpets being integrated into the most stunning contemporary interiors.

 What advice would you give someone just starting out in decorating their home?

When starting your own project, my advise would be to first think of your colour palette and put together an inspiration board to help steer your ideas. Check out the Rugs and Poufs Pinterest boards to help inspire and build a story around a certain carpet or piece of furniture.

Rugs and Poufs

 What are your future plans for your business?

I have so many ideas for developing the business with carpets and Moroccan inspired soft furnishings. I would love to use local artisans to weave new carpets for me taking inspiration from the past.

moroccan green rugs

Thank you Denise!

Aside from art and lighting, rugs are definitely one of those home decor products which I advise my clients to invest in. There is nothing better than expressing your personality and adding that luxurious touch through a rug. Plus a good quality rug will withstand everyday use and with the right treatment they are not that difficult to maintain either.

If you have a project that you need help on, please contact Rugs & Poufs, they would love to inspire you!

Happy Tuesday!

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