Most luxurious beds

Last Friday I was invited to Savoir Beds showroom in London to see first hand how one of the most luxurious beds in the world are made.

Savoir Beds started in 1889 when the famous “The Savoy Hotel” in London opened and unveiled the most luxurious and innovative place to stay of its time. Apart from the best customer service and its glamorous surroundings, the founders of The Savoy also wanted to provide the best possible night’s sleep.

Enter the world of Savoir Beds. The beds are custom-made to order. Any size you like you can have. Here’s the process. The artisans work on these benches creating several layers of the bed and mattress. Each highly trained technician works on one bed at a time from start to finish. Depending on the size of the mattress it may take up to 120 hours to make just one.



The mattress itself comprises of several layers which provide the most luxurious sleeping experience. Some compare it to the cloud-like comfort. The interesting discovery for me was that they use springs on the bed frame, not just in the mattress itself. The mattress is built up from the bottom starting with the outside cotton fabric, protective interlining, wool, horse tail, wool, cotton and springs covered individually in cotton tubes. The same layers are also on the top of the springs but in reverse order.





The fluffy stuff you see on the picture is actually horse tail! I would compare it the softest wire. It’s quite rough on touch but very soft at the same time.  It comes to the workshop in these long “ropes” and when put through a machine these come out as “fluffy clouds”. Absolutely amazing stuff!


There are 4 mattress types to choose from. Savoir 1. is the most luxurious one with the most generous amount of materials to ensure the best possible sleeping experience. Plus the outer layer is from pure cashmere! The ultimate luxury!



Apart from choosing and customising your own bed and mattress you can also have a bespoke headboard designed to your specifications. There is literally no limit in creativity (obviously within the materials’ limits, but you know what I mean!).




It was such a fun afternoon to see the insight into Savoir Beds. I always get so excited with companies such as Savoir because without them my designs wouldn’t turn into reality. Plus I admire all those craftsmen working on something so beautiful and such high quality all done by hand. I take my hat off to them!

Karolina Barnes Studio