My cloakroom project in progress

I wanted to update you with my cloakroom makeover project. Above is how it looked before and how it’s looking so far..

I wallpapered all walls in Osborne & Little Travertino wallpaper, changed the mirror to more art deco style and painted the tile border  in black gloss paint. My husband also fitted a new spot light which you can’t see on the picture but it looks like this..


As the downstairs WC is on the side of the house it’s very dark even with the small window. I wanted spotlights rather than a pendant or chandelier. I needed something which would reflect the light and bounce it around the whole room. I like the mirrored base and the crystal caps. It goes so well with the mirror! If the room was in another part of the house with more natural light  maybe I would got for something like this..
I’m heading off to OKA on Fulham Road on Friday, so I’m hoping to return with some of the accessories. I want to bring little bit of teal into the room which I’m pulling from other parts of our downstairs living areas. I think it goes so well with the gold/beige/silver wallpaper. There will be some pictures  (painted by moi) hanging opposite the mirror. I just want to get the accessories first, so I can have the colours in front of me. I’m also thinking about the window treatment – not sure what to do with it yet. Hopefully by the end of this week it will all come together.Can’t wait for the final look reveal!


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