My kitchen update after ORC





So even though ORC finished almost 2 weeks ago, I was still painting yesterday. After the reveal, I must admit, I wasn’t happy with it. I rushed it to get it done and didn’t really think clearly about it. I thought whatever I do, it’s going to make a big improvement (which it did) but something was bugging me. My doubts were reinforced with comments from everyone else in the house. “Mummy, why did you paint this this colour and that that colour? I don’t understand.” said my 8-year old going on 25 always reasoning daughter.

My husband suggested to paint everything the white I used on the top cabinets. So I did. And I hated it! The kitchen felt like sterile doctor’s surgery. Horrible. After a couple days, I went back to the wallpaper and pulled the grey out of it. Like I would normally do in projects for my clients. You get a starting point and build the scheme around it, right? I do it all the time! So why, oh, why I didn’t do that in my own kitchen?? I really don’t have a clue!! However, choosing another colour meant that I had to REPAINT the whole kitchen!! Not funny at all. But I managed to do it within 2 days. Yesterday I finished repainting the door with Farrow & Ball paint I bought couple of years ago. I was worried that the paint would be gone off my now, but it smelled and looked okay, the way all F&B paints normally are, so I used it anyway. I’m going to finish it off with a hardwearing protective top coat, so I’m hoping that it will become more robust, just in case.

The kitchen still needs little jobs doing like trimming the hood, finishing tiling the mirror tile around the cooker, filling cracks around the window frame and giving the door frames a fresh paint to hide all the knocks. New ceiling light. Have to find one which looks great but also provides spotlights which are so needed in this space. But the majority is now done!

Lesson learnt:

It doesn’t pay off to take shortcuts or cut corners. It costs more, not just financially but also time-wise.


If you are following me from ORC, here are the resources I used: wall paint – Valspar Silver Thristle Down (similar also would be F&B Blackend), cabinets Valspar Stone Age (similar also would be F&B Manor House Gray), wallpaper is from Casamance called Azuli Amethyste, rug is from ebay, table lamp is from Safavieh, cabinet handles are from Ikea, and the hexagon glass tiles are from Graham & Green. The fabrics are from Clarke & Clarke – the one on the stools is called Paola Mineral and the one on the windows is Chico Aqua. The door is painted in Farrow & Ball Green Ground 206.

Here the journey of my kitchen as a reminder where we started.


Crazy, right? xkb