My Planner special offer

My Planner 2015

As first quarter of the year is behind us, I’m excited to announce that I’m offering My Planner 2015 for £21 inc UK delivery. That’s whopping 40% off the RRP! I’ve never done such a big promo sale, so jump on the opportunity and get your copy now. You can purchase it on Etsy or via KB SHOP here with discount code: MP40.

There is only a very, very limited amount of copies available since the majority has been already sold so don’t delay before it’s all gone.

Offer is valid until 1st May 2015.

To those of you who don’t know My Planner, I created it for myself to keep track of my day, stay focused on my goals in personal and business life. It really helps me to organise my day, “be social” on social platforms and plan my blog calendar. Before I launched it at the end of last year, I had so many requests and interest from others that I decided to press the button and go with the print run! It was a risk but so far the reviews and emails I received have been very positive and encouraging.

Here are some review examples:

“This is absolutely brilliant and the quality is amazing: each page has carefully been thought out and finished to a high level, even the pages feel nice! Each month starts with a little saying “Be productive not busy.” Love the little touches to this planner. There’s so much room also to doodle bits down, and loads of categories. Really happy with this purchase and was also well packaged. Hope they create a 2016 planner! Thank you” Kira-Louise

“The perfect size. Lots of space for tasks and appointments.” Michelle

I’m already planning to design My Planner 2016 which will have some new  improved features I’m currently drawing from my experience of running a small business, blog and social media activities while raising my 2 girls. Stay tuned!

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