My project: modern rental bedroom makeover

While in Prague, I was asked to makeover a small rental modern bedroom. The room had basically plain white walls and furniture which my client already purchased from an Italian company. It was one of those furniture sets! I know that buying a set is super easy and very convenient but as you know it’s not very “you”, is it?  But don’t despair, there is a way around it.

All this space needed was some colour and personality. So we started with some art, we found, which set the tone of the bedroom. Have a look at the textures and colours we pulled together..


The art that inspired us was by Czech artist Lucie Drlikova (now living in Miami) who specialises in fine art photography. So with the concept and colour scheme finalised, it was time to shop and dress the room! Here’s how the bedroom turned out from what is was before to how it is looking now.





Geometric and textured plain cushions add some interest and a punch of colour to this otherwise plain bedroom.


One of the quickest makeovers I’ve done so far but definitely very fun and the result was received with absolute joy which gave me so much boost! And by the way, if you have a matching furniture.. my advice? Distract the eye with art and accessories, and dress your room with colour, pattern and lots of texture.

Thanks to this project I’m totally obsessed with Lucie Drlikova’s art. Definitely check out her website for inspiration.

Karolina xx

P.S. All images were taken with my iPhone 6 on a very cloudy day, so please excuse the quality. It’s not that great I know. I’m planning to do a proper photoshoot soon. Stay tuned!