My week in review

Christmas decoration
This week it was time to decorate our Christmas tree. I chose gold, silver white theme for this year. Each year we try to change things up and have different colour scheme around our house.

As you can see I used quite a lot of ribbon and no artificial chains or tinsels – to my kids disappointment, initially! Once the tree was finished they both said it wouldn’t look nice with them on anyway. Yes, that’s my girls. As we still have a young dog around the house, we didn’t put anything on the bottom branches for safety and I stuffed the rattan planter with golden silk fabric, Osborne&Little faux leather and more ribbons.
Both girls also have their own mini tree in their bedrooms and the wreath on our living room mirror we did with my older daughter. The Christmas decor is still not finished as I’m waiting for some real pine branches for the mantel, dining table and banister.

Design projects around the house

1. Cloakroom mini makeover

My cloakroom makeover is almost finished. I have wallpapered all walls myself  which took me a couple of hours to do. I started at lunch time which wasn’t a great idea because I had to do the school run 2 hours later! I don’t know why or how I get into these situations but I’m always pressed for time, rushing and chasing things. Maybe subconsciously I do that to see whether I can actually complete whatever I’m doing within that time frame. Anyway, I was working like mad (and let me tell you I was sweating like a pig) to finish it all off before I got my daughter from school. I’m very pleased with the result – no bubbles or imperfections and the joints match as well. I think I did a better job than my friend’s professional wallpaper installer did for them! I got my husband to hang the art deco mirror (he had to redo it as it was hanging too low at one stage) and to fit new spotlights. Friday was my day to go to London to get some accessories, as I wrote about it here, but I abandoned the trip because I received grass cloth wallpaper for the hallway and couldn’t wait to install it.

2. Hallway
When I saw the wallpaper rolls I just had to see how it turns out.  I painted the walls about 4 years ago in Dulux Muddy Paddle taupe. Initially I only wanted to wallpaper the wall around our mirror to make a feature wall but it wasn’t looking how I imagined it in my head. So I did the whole right side of our entry. Here is how it’s looking now. It still needs final touches, pictures, new rug and accessories.

Family and school
On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to see nativity plays. On Tuesday it was Natalie’s turn (my almost 12 year old). The musical performance was performed by Year 7 to 13, so lots of girls took turn to perform their number. The beginning was very good but after around an hour sitting and listening to brass orchestra my younger daughter who’s 6 got little bit bored. Then Natalie’s group came on the stage. We didn’t see her much because she was at the back but she did a great job.
Sophie’s nativity was on Wednesday. Because she didn’t get a “speaking role”, she wasn’t even on the stage so mostly I was staring at other parents’ heads. They had to sing 9 nativity songs and Sophie remembered them all so I was very proud.

I had a phone call from one of my previous clients that she recommended me to her friend for a small window treatment job. Also I have been thinking about my website design and the content. I have some ideas for the layout and the images I want to have. My husband will take care of coding and I will do the visual design. The timescale we set ourselves is to complete most of it before he goes back to work in January and if necessary I finish it myself.

KLC design school
I made some progress on my last  project but because it involves so many elements (producing booklets, proposals, visual presentations and also history of styles) it seems like I haven’t really scratched the surface. I want to finish at least one part before Christmas.

Time management
Apart from all the above, I spent:
6.5 hrs walking the dog
4 hrs of cleaning the house
8 hrs of cooking
4 hrs 10 min being a taxi driver to my kids
2 hrs Christmas shopping online
4 hrs painting oil art for our cloakroom
3 hrs of relaxing both of my girl’s hair (one hour less than last time!)

Happy Sunday!


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