New: Colour confidence fix

Speaking to many of my clients, friends and women I met on networking events I found that one of the main obstructions for not using colours in their home is lack of confidence.  I’m always so pleasantly surprised when my clients call me or send me a photo few months down the line after we complete their project that they actually buy new accessories for their home which go so well into the colours scheme we created.

It’s like I left them with the template and now they feel much more confident to go out and buy stuff  in vibrant colourful tones, which they wouldn’t go near before.

But in order to get there, I had to convince them to allow colours in their lives. And that’s exactly what I want for you. I believe that finding that colour confidence is not a rocket science. I even say that it’s not a special talent either.

I think that colour confidence is more about a state of mind. We need to allow colours into our lives. We need to give ourselves permission to be experimental with colours. The only way to find out if something is working for us is to try it out. Paint that little downstair loo in a colour that speaks to you. Express your style. Who cares if your friends don’t like it. At least you can say that it’s different from theirs (which is great!). And if you feel that you made a mistake, you can say 1/ this colour might be better colour as accent on accessories rather than large scale and 2/ you can just repaint it with a different colour which will be just right. 

By experimenting you will get closer to your ideal vision. But also your confidence will grow. You just have to make that first step. Because if you don’t, nothing will change. You can be admiring all the colours of the rainbow and leave it at that but, the way I see it, you are robbing yourself from your creative potential and the soothing/comforting experience only colours can give you. Allowing colours into our lives is truly game changing.

The sense of achievement, fulfilment and seeing the actual reward every day  (which gives you the energy and comfort) is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But here’s the thing. Some of us arrive at this state of mind naturally or after some bad emotional / traumatic experience.  I wrote here before, for me, it was my health diagnosis that changed my outlook on design and colour. The seriousness of my health condition created a cloud of darkness which I needed it break with bold, cheery colours. It’s very well known how colours influence our psyche. For me, colours became my source of solace.

However, others need that little help to “get there” and allow themselves to accept colours in this way. So if you are a colour lover but just don’t know where to start, how to build your confidence and how to make your home special, I think Colour Confidence Fix is for you.

This is an online based consultancy service which runs over 6 sessions where I will guide you through different strategies that helped me to use colours in my home and my design work. I use these strategies while working with my clients who are now colour converts. I’m not saying it’s easy. There will be challenges and exercises beyond your home decor. As I said it’s all in the mindset so we will step outside of your comfort zone and experiment in other areas too.

But by the end of it, I guarantee that you will conquer your fear and be much more confident in using colours in your home and life. Once you reach that state of mind you’ll be so surprised why you didn’t do this earlier. I bet you’ll never go back to your old ways either!

I’m opening the bookings for this service for a limited time only. So if this sounds of interest, get it touch asap here! I know it’s holiday season but while you have your kids away at grandma’s, or you have little time for yourself on the beach, this might be the perfect time for you to get started.

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