New project:bedroom for siblings

I was recommended by my friend to design a bedroom/playroom for a 6 years old boy sharing his room with his 2 years old baby sister. Now this can be quite tricky to do since one of them is a big fan of football and the other one is a dedicated fan of Peppa Pig! I will be designing my proposals soon but in the meantime, I thought I create a list of absolute must-haves this type of room shouldn’t be without:

1. Funky feature wall suitable for girls and boys

I like the idea of a chalk wall a lot.  Talking from my own experience, between the age of 2 – 6 children like to scribble on any surface and walls are no exception. I remember my younger daughter, when she was around 3, she liked to put her mark on our walls when walking down the stairs. I had to repaint our hallway twice within few months apart! Then I showed her the chalk wall in our kitchen and even now she likes using it.

 How cool is this wall? And not too difficult to do either.

 I think this is a nice idea too. Fun and suitable for boys and girls too.

Themed murals are great for feature walls. Even though I’m not a big fan of themed kiddies rooms since they are outgrown much quicker, I must admit I like the idea of one wall hand painted like a picture.

2. Bed option – two singles

 3. Bed option – bunk beds

4. Desk area

I like the idea of incorporating LED lighting around the desk.

Super comfortable chair.

5. Organising and storage

6. Window treatment

I think it’s important for a children’s room to have the option of blackout window treatment. My both daughters have blackout curtains and Venetian blinds in their rooms. Especially young children don’t like to go to bed when it’s still sunny outside during the summer months. Same applies to waking up too early with the sun coming in.

Making a feature out of a window treatment adds character and ties the whole room together.

Credits: all images are from my Houzz ideabook collection – from top: Catlin Stothers Design, Incorporated, Kerri Robusto Interiors, Inside Design, Fieldstone Hill Design, Abby Hetherington Interiors, Rachel Reider Interiors, Louise de Miranda, Incorporated, Lilly Z Design, Susanna Cots, TRG Architects, Sarah Gunn, Stephanie Connors, BBB Munro, Steele Consulting Group, Joni Spear Interior Design, Janell Beals


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