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I have been working on my two girls’ bedrooms this week. They are completely different characters, in fact they are far opposites. The older one is calm and quiet who likes fashion, street dance and music.

Her bedroom was in a need of injecting some textures and colours. I helped her to choose the fabrics for her new window treatment, cushions and bedding. She also needed a new storage cabinet or a bookshelf and some accessories to tie the whole room together. Her request was to keep the existing furniture, rug and one wall painted in orange. I came up with 3 options, taking inspiration from her rug.

Tween room option1

The first design (above) is built around this stunning wallpaper which complements the rug perfectly. Turquoise, yellow and grey watercolours blend softly into each other creating a bold statement while radiating calmness.  The wallpaper will go on the window wall, while the opposite wall is orange and remaining walls I kept white. I have chosen a hand-painted flower design fabric and to break it up a little, I have introduced some geometric shapes in lime green on window treatment and orange on cushions in the same shade as the wall paint. I have included a large customised magnetic board with orange border, which is a must for a young student.

My second proposal was based around light blue and grey which again I picked up from the rug design. I have chosen Erica Wakerly metallic orange wallpaper. She is one of my favourite designers. Her distinct wallpapers are contemporary, metallic but not overpowering. Ideal for small spaces or rooms that lack natural light as these wallpapers are highly reflective, almost mirror-like. I have chosen a calming light blue fabric to be used on the window treatment.

My third option, which is my personal favourite, I created around this eye catching barcode stripe wallpaper. I know, I know – it’s busy. Actually it has 8 colours in vibrant and subtle tones. But I think it’s fun, young and full of character, and it has purple in it. All girls like purple, right? I kept the window treatment in the geometric design and found some stunning fabrics for cushions and throws. After I presented all 3 designs and option3. was the winner. Stay tuned for the finished product.


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