Project nursery and home office – part 2.

This is part 2. of my nursery/home office design proposal for my client. If you missed my previous first proposal you can check it out here. In this design I took inspiration from nature and combined teal with ochre, navy and deep rich purple as accent. The walls are still in neutral as last time, but I’m trying to show client S. that by painting the walls in a different shade of white (this time it’s F&B Cabbage White) the room would take a completely new dimension and effect. The paint colour is ever so slightly blueish/green but on a pale/ off white side. As one of the feedbacks I got from you guys was that you want to see more of my projects in detail, I’m making a case study of this proposal …starting with the concept board. This is basically what I keep for myself and don’t really like showing this to my clients because I think it can be so confusing. If you ever watched The Great British Interior Design Challenge, you might have came across few designers presenting the concept board to clients but as you saw from the reaction (What’s this?) most of them don’t have a clue what you’re trying to put across. So it’s much easier to skip this step and keep it as my visual aid and reference. So here’s my concept board for design no 2.:

As you can see it’s a mishmash of different colours, textures,  finishes, shapes etc. Now I probably am breaking tons of rules on putting a concept board together but honestly I don’t care as long as it’s doing its job – I’m happy to carry on.

So from this I pulled various fabrics from my library and by eliminating few I came to the final choice.

how to choose fabrics

So how did I arrive at this choice? Following few rules. And the biggest one is this: there can’t be 2 lead signers in a group. (If you read my blog posts before, I mentioned it in few of them) What I’m saying if you have a choice of 2 or 3 large print patterns – go only for one. It’s all about the scale. Small, medium, large. Here’s me showing the process. I had originally planned a video but my camera is playing up so stay tuned for it next week. Note: sorry about the mess behind me, on my desk and the lighting. It’s not a perfectly looking set of images! Keep looking at the fabrics! That’s the main thing.

Choosing fabric steps

Yay, I found the perfect combo!! Next to the actual design and visual of the room. Here it is.




The fabrics, textures and colours are just so yummy! Here’s a few close ups…

Romo fabric

I mean how S T U N N I N G are these babies?

Now I have to show you the rug. It’s from Zara Home. I’m layering two in fact. I’ve done it in my last year’s project in the contemporary living room and my client loved the idea. So this time I’ve chosen a cream plain textured rug and  layered it with this.

Zara paisley rug

I think that paisley pattern is a great pattern – breaker. It goes with everything else – stripes, geometric, ikat etc. I carried a darker shade of the lavender on the other side / office part in form of the funky filing cabinet and the notice board.

As you can see I also changed the lighting – ceiling and the lamps. And I also changed the office chair. Resources are below.



Sources: Rug 1 / Rug 2 / Bed cot / Art / Ceiling pendant / Office chair / Floor lamp / Filing cabinet

Stay tuned and come back next week for the final design option and the presentation!

Karolina Barnes Studio

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