Nursery project option 3.

Today I’m sharing my last design proposal for my gender neutral nursery and home office project. If you missed the previous two design options, you can find them here (option 1.) and here (option 2.).

Now, I went completely in different direction with this one and so the colour palette is very different from the previous two. I based it on Romo fabric called Casca Fuchsia from their Cantello collection. The fabric is very luxurious with its raised square in square design which is a contrasting background.  I then built a whole scheme around it. To help me visually get the story going I put a sample moodboard together like this..

Nursery moodboard

From there I picked the final fabric and rug samples which I’m planning to show in the presentation. Take a closer look at the details. Aren’t these stunning? The checked fabric is going to be in blue. I’m still waiting for the sample.

Nursery fabric samples

And here they are in the room. I used the Romo Casca fabric on the window treatment. The stripy fabric (also from Romo) is for a custom cushion on the armchair and the checked fabric (from Harlequin) is for a custom blanket. I love it because its double sided and also has linen in it so it’s super soft and has a slight sheen to it in places.


I picked this super cute fox art, which will go above the bed cot, since as we are progressing with the project, I was told to include some kind of kiddie-like drawings. I think this one is just perfect for the room. To the 3 core accent colours I also introduced deep rich purple which is going to be only on the table lamps and maybe some small accessories when it comes down to styling. I wanted the colour scheme to be unified but also have it slightly disturbed and unexpected. Hence the purple!

I have also swapped the ceiling pendant for something cooler to create a contrast. BHS is great for affordable lighting and so when I found this dark glass Sputnik one I had to include it into the room. Take a closer look…

BHS lighting


It looks so much more expensive than it actually is. Yum!  Get the look. You can shop this design with the shopping list. See sources below.


Sources: Textured rug / Pattern rug (bespoke via KB Studio) / Sputnik pendant / Bed cot  / Table lamp / Floor lamp / Fabrics via KB Studio / Office chair

Next week I will go through the presentation. Stay tuned!

Karolina Barnes Studio