One room challenge: week 2

So last week I showed you my plan for our hallway makeover. If you missed it you can read about it here. After a week of walking around my wallpaper choices, today I finally decided which wallpaper I go for for the upstairs landing. Some of you might be shocked by the final choice. So here we go.


Ta-dah! So in the end I went for the pink geometric wallpaper from Kuboaa as the main wallpaper for all walls upstairs. Apart from the Osborne & Little Dragonfly wallpaper which I’m planning to frame and put on the wall above the staircase instead of a picture. Now. I thought long and hard about this and this is the reason why I’m going for it:

1. Hallways are perfect spaces for “wow” factor because you don’t live in it as such. It’s just a connecting space which should tie the common theme running through the house together.
2. Hence “be daring”. Make your space unique and express your personality. Play with the space. Make it practical (we will have storage shelves) but FUN as well!


I  tried to put the wallpaper on every wall to see how it links to the other rooms and I loved it. But I must admit that my hubby doesn’t know this yet. Oh my God, he is going to get a shock of his life. Hopefully I will get his approval because if I don’t I will have to go back to the drawing board. If everything goes well I will be ordering the two wallpapers on Monday.

So here is the updated drawing. The paper will go on the side walls too. There are not so wide as it may seem.ORC-hallway-drawing-updated

Next week I want to show you the staircase wall because I have some plans for it too. How are you getting on by the way? You can check everyone else who is taking apart by clicking on the logo below.



Karolina Barnes




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    I love the wallpaper you selected. I think the layers of pattern that you are using look polished. Good luck this week.

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    Your wallpaper will look amazing! I can’t wait to see your plans for your stairway!
    House of Highlands

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