One Room Challenge

Every Thursday for next 6 weeks I will be taking part in One Room Challenge organised by Linda from Calling it home. She started this challenge few years ago and since than its popularity has grown massively in the US. Basically it’s a makeover challenge where each participant shares his/her (mainly ladies though) progress from start to finish within 6 weeks. This year many well known designers have been invited to join in. I’ve never taken part in anything like this before but because our hallway, stairs and landing need a makeover, I thought I join the fun. So let’s start today with my makeover plan. To give you some idea of what space I’m planning to change here are some pics.

One room challenge before
So the plan is to make this space part of the house and give it some personality. My plan is to bring in colours from other parts of the house so the common theme flows from downstairs to upstairs. Here is what I’m thinking..

One room challenge plan

Now my budget is very limited so in terms of wallpaper choices I can’t go for grasscloth paper as I would have liked but I found these ones which are great alternatives.


The new Matthew Williamson wallpaper (far right), I’m thinking putting it on the ceiling wall above the staircase or on the wall where I wanted to put the large black & white contemporary picture. Still thinking about it. So this is my week 1. See you next week.

Please check out all the other participants for more inspiration and support! Some designs are looking really great. Can’t wait to watch the progress.

ORC-Participant Fall 2014


Karolina Barnes


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    Love the idea of putting wallpaper on that wall. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Looking forward to seeing how the room turns out.

    1. Post

    Love the wallpaper you chose! I too am using wallpaper in a bathroom remodel for the ORC. Can’t wait to watch your progress. Good luck 🙂

    1. Post

      Wallpaper is great in bathrooms. Don’t be afraid to use it. Wallpaper injects colour, pattern and texture and is a great alternative to tiles. I will be watching your progress too. X kb


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