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It took just over a year for this day to come. Once I got into interior design professionally and I saw so many beautiful products which the wider public don’t normally have access to (only via a designer or builder), I knew I wanted to start a collection using these products and make them reasonably priced and easily accessible. After months and months of going through fabric and wallpaper samples, I’m finally launching my “live colourful” collection to you guys.

It’s typically me – bright and bold using what I call “happy colours” and patterns. The collection is build around my cushions which you can mix and match. The idea behind all this is that every room in your home you can quickly refresh, update, inject colour, express your personality through whatever you want to call it.

My long term goal is to create a strong brand with home decor, fashion and accessories products. While I’m writing this I have several other products in production which should be coming up on my shop soon. But for now apart from cushions and wallpapers you can buy tea towels, napkins, table runners, headboards and lampshades.

You can find it all here.

KB Shop menu


I was inspired by “Toms” which I wrote about here and so from the start I want to give something back. With every purchase you make, 5% of the profit will go to Children with cancer charity. Children are our future and since going through my diagnosis and now living with my condition everyday I want help others, especially children.  Children with cancer charity provides care and helps to find cures for various childhood cancers. I just learnt that September is a childhood cancer awareness month so if you want to donate please do so here.

As I said this project is still a work in progress with many more products coming soon. So please please stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media and Bloglovin. Just click on the links on the left. Also every new subscriber will automatically receive 20% off purchase and the delivery is also on the house.

I would really appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback you might have. If you have a minute please use the commenting tool below. Have a great day!

Karolina Barnes



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