ORC week 1. 1999 kitchen facelift

So I decided to join the One Room Challenge this year to give our kitchen a facelift and to bring it up to 2015. I know you were stuck in 1999 for so many years but finally you’re going to get a makeover, my little kitchen. It’s going to be hard and challenging but you’re going to look much better. Promise. For the next 6 weeks every Thursday I will be giving you updates on my progress with the big reveal on 12th November.


I’m not very proud to show you these pictures guys but it has to be done. As you can see there are some major decor problems. I don’t know what I was thinking and why I left it like this for so long!! But let’s not dwell on the past and move on to the future. This is where I’m heading with it.


I’m still undecided about the feature wall wallpaper. I want either some movement or pattern. I think I might be bored quickly with the pattern (as below) but I have to wait and see once the samples arrive.


 As you can see I’m mixing metals. I love the contrast between the walnut varnish (I can’t use paint which was banned by my hubby!) and polished nickel. I know it’s not that cool and I get that gold, copper and brass are rocking the world right now but for now I’m sticking to it and have a small brass detail on the ceiling pendant which will go above the bar table.

Now I have one big problem to overcome. My budget. It’s tiny. Almost non existent. I’m aiming for £350/$500. I know. CRAZYY!! But I’m choosing the materials and products very carefully. The fabrics, wallpaper, paint and rug no problem. I can fit it in easily. BUT. The pendant, the mosaic tiles and hardware? That’s the nut I need to crack somehow. Luckily the mosaic is going to be discontinued soon = bargain. I will have to beg over the pendant and the hardware? I don’t know yet. I will report back next week. xkb

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