ORC week 4. kitchen chameleon

I must admit that this challenge is getting pretty hard. I’m feeling the pain. If you’re new here, I’m in the middle of giving my kitchen a facelift. I have a very small budget which is becoming harder and harder to stick to. The temptation of going over is very strong but I HAVE to resist it. After all, that’s were the fun is. I love being under pressure and using my creativity to work my way around things which I would normally specify. Last week I ordered the fabric for the window treatment and on Monday I learnt that it’s out of stock. So yesterday I found my plan B option which I’m happy with. Since the beginning my kitchen plan has changed few times like a chameleon but I’m getting there. Plus I managed to save some money in the process because it was actually cheaper than my initial choice. Reeesult! Here’s my final mood board.Kitchen-final-plan


The progress is still slow (due to half term break, yes I’m blaming the kids!!) but I managed to do the pin & black board behind our hallway door. I wanted to put the pin board (I’m using cork tiles) all the way down until my younger daughter insisted that she wants to keep the black board. So we have half pin on the top and half black board on the bottom. I painted the cork tiles with acrylic first but yesterday I painted the whole wall with the black board paint to keep the finish the same. I just didn’t like the difference between the two. So now we can use the whole wall as a blackboard. Did I mention that it’s magnetic as well? We tried it this morning and it works!!


The feature wall wallpaper arrived yesterday. I have new rug and ceiling pendant on order. Next week I’m planning to install the paper, finish the paint work and while at it makeover the understair’s cupboard door. I’m going for some geometric feature since I have no space for art in the kitchen. Something like the drawing above. I pulled the colours out of the fabric and the wallpaper. I’m dreading it though because even though my painting skills are not that bad, my masking skills, on the other hand, are absolutely awful. Anyways, that’s the plan.

Now, that’s me done but before you run off you have to check out the ORC designers and  participants. They are truly amazing and creative people. xkb