ORC week 5. almost there

Welcome to week 5. of One Room Challenge. If you just joined me, I’ve been giving our kitchen a facelift on a budget. You can see what I started with here. With only one week to go the stress levels are getting higher and higher with each day passing by.  On one hand my optimistic me says I can do it but there is also this nagging voice in my head saying “Really?”. Because there is still so much to do!!

In the name of progress, this is what I’ve been up to for the past week: I managed to update our bar stools (above) with a new fabric cover. This was my second option fabric and yesterday I learnt that my first choice is now available so I might still order it and quickly redo them. I also started varnishing the kitchen cabinets in walnut but the result was awful. I varnished wood before but not bevelled which is why it didn’t work. Here’s why.


So I scrapped the idea and decided to use paint instead. My main guide was this Designer’s Guild wallpaper which is the inspiration for my door feature creation I talked about last week.


I still wanted the ash-grey undertone so I could stay on track with my original colour scheme plan. In the end I went for Valspar Mink Pillow which was a completely spontaneous purchase. I didn’t have time to fluff around with samples. I had to pick one of the above. Full stop. While at the store I just went by instinct, bit the bullet and after going outside few times to see the colour on naturally cloudy light, which is the standard here, I went for it. And to my surprise it doesn’t look bad at all.  Now, the colour might seem quite schizophrenic. Sometimes it looks more grey and other times it looks more like dark chocolate. See what I mean? Honestly, it’s the same colour.


With the help of my daughter, who is still having a week off school, we started painting the bottom cabinets (yes, I totally do things here the other way round!!) and as it was shaping up, I changed my mind and decided to keep the top ones the same colour as the wall paint colour. I bought the paint few weeks back and already used it on our bar table. So yesterday I gave it a go and this is how it’s looking now.


Because of all these last minute changes, I will have to change the cabinet knobs to brass, not nickel as initially planned. Luckily, I haven’t ordered them yet. But what I have already ordered are these hexagon mirrors which is another spontaneous purchase. I’ve been thinking about how I can make the splash back area around the cooker more interesting and initially thought about 3d mirror as an option. However, these mirror tiles are so much better. I can definitely play with them more.


Here’s the how the kitchen should look like next week. Give or take the crazy cabinet colour. I know it might be looking quite cold but I think the end result should be well balanced.


Stay tuned! Don’t forget to check out the ORC designers and participants for super inspiration and home decor ideas. Thanks for stopping by. xkb