Planner for your day, life and business








With slight delay, like few months, I have launched MY PLANNER 2016 – “design your day, life and business” on Etsy  back in December. I created it in 2014 because I needed some structure that would help me to achieve my goals. Even though I’m very organised, and once I start something I usually complete it very quickly, I’m absolutely terrible at planning and scheduling. I guess this goes back to my living in the present rather than looking into the future attitude.

I must admit though that over the past year I have been learning more about “looking into the future”. I realised that I won’t achieve my dreams without making small steps and actions that turn into bigger milestones and eventually into dreams becoming a reality.

As a small business owner, I designed MY PLANNER to keep me focused and accountable. I also wanted a place to keep track of my social media activity, my blog schedule, client’s meetings, exhibitions and my daily tasks.


Here is what others said about it:

“This is absolutely brilliant and the quality is amazing: each page has carefully been thought out and finished to a high level, even the pages feel nice! Each month starts with a little saying “Be productive not busy.” Love the little touches to this planner. “

“There’s so much room also to doodle bits down, and loads of categories. Really happy with this purchase and was also well packaged. Hope they create a 2016 planner! Thank you” Kira L.S.

“Great Planner.” Benedetta F.

“Love my planner but the binding and covers are really weak so it’s kind of falling apart but keeps me on track and accountable so I love it regardless.” Kirsten B.


I was very pleased with all the feedback I received over the past year. The 2016 version has little bit more space for notes on each day’s page because I found that the lined box format wasn’t working for me on days where I had to write down little bit more text.

I was also playing with the idea of making the planner as a hardback (as you can see from the comment).  The reason why I kept it as softcover (which is 350gsm waterproof) was mainly due to cost. I intentionally decided to keep the printing and binding processes in Europe. I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses rather than outsourcing it to China. The downside is that, obviously, Europe can’t complete on the price for hardcovers. The production is so expensive that it would make the product unable to compete on the stationery market.

Honestly, I would love to print MY PLANNER with hardcovers and I’m on a mission to search high and low for a supplier who could do it at a reasonable price. So definitely keep checking for updates, if you’re interested.

TH GOOD NEWS IS that my current supplier was able to offer me a great deal, which allowed me to lower MY PLANNER’s price from latest year’s £35 to £25! And within that I’m also including a complementary decorative ribbon band to keep MY PLANNER and its content safe.

 If you would like to purchase MY PLANNER head over to Etsy. Along the hard copy version there is also a printable version for those who rather go month by month. The delivery is 1 – 3 days from order.
Stay organised!!