Playroom family office project

I have started to work on my playroom & family room project. Here is the floor plan so you can see the layout.
One of the walls has already built-in wardrobes and there is a corner (wall 4.) which, currently, is not properly utilised.
I’m planning to use some of the ideas as per image below.


Room designs by: Shaw Design Group, English Heritage Homes of Texas, Houzz

I’m planning to use the wall hung storage cabinets above the wide table on wall 1. with the magnetic or cork boards for displaying kids artwork. I’m also thinking about additional round table in the middle of the room, if there is enough space around it. I want to use bold and fun wallpaper on wall 2. and have a funky ceiling lighting or chandelier.Colourwise this is my starting point.


This low pile semi woolen rug will go in the middle of the room. I have a free hand with the colour scheme but I have to think about the room’s function and who is going to use it. Majority of time it will be used by children (for homework, art, playing and watching TV) but the desk under the window is going to be a working station for “the man of the house”. Hence it’s going to be quite a challenge to find the right colours, textures and patterns that everybody likes. Can’t wait how the design will evolve!Stay tuned for my proposal.



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