Playroom family office update

Yesterday I finished 2 options for my new playroom/family office project which I wrote about earlier this week. Have a look at my designs.

OPTION 1.  (above)
In this option I have chosen a black & white wallpaper from Harlequin and used Clarke & Clarke zig zag fabric from their new collection on the Roman blind. I wanted the room to have elements of fun while keeping the theme grown up too. The purple chandelier and the Kartell table lamps add little bit of glamour to the space, while the banker’s table on the Gautier desk add some seriousness. The remaining walls would be painted in lime green which I picked up from the fabric.
I started this design with the Prestigious wallpaper. I wanted to zone the grown up area more clearly. The wallpaper is actually vertical but I have chosen to install it horizontally. You can’t see it from the image but it has metallic silver stripes ¬†running through, which adds more sophistication to it. The colours on the Roman blind fabric from Designer’s Guild bounce off the carpet. Also I like how the fabric’s geometric pattern breaks up the stripes on the carpet and on the wallpaper. To introduce some roundness I added a small yellow Juju hat and a turquoise blue 4 tier shade.Which design would you choose?



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