Project: blue family bathroom update

My project family bathroom¬†is moving forward. We selected the bathroom wall colour, tiles and the ceiling lighting. It’s going to be dramatic, dark yet elegant, modern and kid friendly bathroom. I wrote about the material options here. Take a look how it will look in the space.




The dark rich blue walls will be balanced with white Roman blinds, existing sanitary ware and calacatta tiles around the sink area. The existing tiling around the bath will be the same. I’m also thinking putting a mirror on the bath wall but I need to finalise that with my client. I really like the flush bathroom lighting for this small space.



It is a complete u-turn from my initial design which was very neutral and light. Here is the design proposal 1. Take a look…



Which option do you like? Would you go for dark blue in your bathroom? Stay tuned for the progress!

Back later with my biz post.

Karolina Barnes


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