Project colourful living room

Nature is one of the best places for colour inspiration. If Mother Nature can produce it then it can be applied to design.  So inspired by nature I designed this colourful living room makeover which, to me, is bold yet subtle and welcoming. The 6 core colours I pulled out of the concept picture below (from my concept board on Pinterest)  are very individual and timeless. It’s more about “being unique and expressing your personality” rather than current trends.


The colour combination also marries feminine with masculine, which is perfect for a living room occupied by both genders. While the feminine side is represented by pink and teal, the masculine side is introduced through khaki, greige and black.


The mood of the space?  Welcoming and calming with a hint of fun and full dose of colourful individuality.

Here is the mood board..



Yes, all this for under £2500.00 (what???) because this is a quick turnaround makeover. While my clients are on holidays, we’re going in and getting our hands dirty for a welcome-back-surprise. The art from is key on bringing all the colours and textures together. Without it the space would be quite lost and the story wouldn’t flow as well. There is a bespoke painted feature wall since the clients didn’t want to go for a wallpaper. The effect, hopefully, will be almost like one ..with matt and glossy contrast.

If you are thinking about giving your living room a makeover and would like to be surprised on your return, get in touch. I have one slot available at the end of August.

Karolina Barnes Studio

P.S. If you need some advice for family friendly home, download the guide below. It’s coming down very soon, so don’t miss the chance.