Project proposal: coffee table

One of the projects of Section 4 of the KLC diploma course was to design a coffee table for a soft play indoor centre. The task was to work within set dimensions and of course to consider the safety with lots of children around. Here is my proposal work.

 First I started to analyse who will be using the table and the requirements..
Then I started to play with concept and did some brainstorming. I wanted the table to have a curved shape with no sharp corners. I thought about different animals, favorite TV characters and fruit as the shape of the table top that would appeal to girls and boys.


I’ve put my thoughts into a Sketchup drawing..


Finally I created a description. I wanted to table for be multifunctional with 3 compartments – one for laptop, one for drinks and snacks and one for power dock. The material I chose was Formica which I thought was an ideal material in terms of maintenance, production and its properties. I designed the table top in a pear like shape  (which appeals to girls and boys) with smooth curved corners. I proposed white as the main colour with colourful borders around the compartment openings. Also I included LED lighting running around the rim of the table just underneath the table top. My idea was to create a coloured light washing the sides gently. In the indoor centre each table could have a different colour so children can allocate the table and parents easily.

I also produced technical drawings for the vendor – 3 examples are below…

This is the elevation of one of the table sides.


This drawing indicated the radius of the arc.
This is the plan/topview of the table with the legs and compartments drawn in the dash line.So here you have some insight into my study time. Since I completed this section, the course progressed to much harder projects. I will be sharing what I’m currently working on in a few days.


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