Project: teen girl’s bedroom remodel

If you are subscribed to my KB Design Club you’ve already seen my daughter’s  new bedroom. But to those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s how I transformed our “office-used-to-be” into her new bedroom. I wrote about the design here where I talked about the wallpaper she chose as the main feature of the room.

So let me give you a quick walk through starting with the concept. She wanted a space that would have her favourite colours, “not so much busy pattern” (I was instructed) and functional for studying. I have noticed over the past year that her school files and folders have almost tripled so she definitely needed storage for those. But that’s for next time. I will walk you through that next week.

For now, here’s the concept board we created to give me some direction. She wanted mint as the main accent colour with boysenberry purple and teal. Texture-wise she wanted little bit of shiny metallic, velvet or similar against rough fabric and little bit of softness and fluffiness.


Just to recap here’s the visual design I created before she gave me the go ahead. Yes, even with her, I had to get her approval!!



And here’s how it looks now..




Loving the colours on this shade. It also ties the whole colour scheme in the room together. Plus it injects her personality in too!




Textures on cushions.. I balanced the scheme with black.






Great contrast between the wallpaper and the grey wall paint colour from Valspar in high gloss finish. We decided to frame the wallpaper giving the effect of oversized large piece of art, as opposed to papering the whole wall. In love with the pattern and its metallic finish, she didn’t want the room to feel too busy, so this was a perfect compromise.



The desk area has rough textured office chair and a high gloss filing cabinet in dark blue with gold drawer handles.




Had to have some abstract art somewhere… Again, helping to let the story flow around the room.





I’m happy that one of my more demanding “clients” is happy with it. And what’s more she really tries hard to keep it tidy. Result!!

Please email me if you want to info on products or samples of wallpaper and fabrics used in this project. Happy to send them to you free of charge.

Happy weekend everyone!

Karolina Barnes Studio

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