Quote of the week on design

I came across this quote by a well-known American interior designer on Instagram last week and it really sums up what design is all about. A well designed and thought out room should amaze your friends and family before even a conversation starts. It should speak to others and tell them what you are about. Your style, creativity, your personality.

Our homes are characterised by the atmosphere we create for us and our families. The smell that first hits you when you walk in, the colours that flow throughout, displayed objects that you collect from your travels, photographs, pictures, art and so on. It speaks to you and gives impression to others about you.

What many people don’t understand that being a designer doesn’t mean matching pretty fabrics with wallpaper and paint. I think there are enough online and offline resources to do it yourself. Our job is to work out your personality, lifestyle and your “unique being” before designing a space that reflects you, is practical, functional and creative.

Talking from my experience, when working with my clients, I try to come up with ideas that they wouldn’t even consider.  It might be because they never heard of the product I’m proposing in my design or because they wouldn’t have thought about putting this with that together. I take them to a different place and mindset. I guide them through a world they never knew existed. The end product is a space that fits them and their needs. And that’s what design is all about.

Karolina Barnes



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