Quote of the week – don’t compare your beginnings

This week’s quote is all about not comparing yourself to others which can sometimes be very hard to do. It’s in human nature to want things that you don’t have. For me right now I’m obsessed with the social media. I look at other bloggers and see how many followers they have and I keep comparing my numbers to their numbers. Which is ridiculous.

They’ve been doing it for 7 – 10 years and me? I’ve been blogging for a year in September and I’ve joined the social media around 6 months ago. Why is it then my expectation to have the same as they do within a completely different timespan? I know it’s not physically, technically, realistically possible yet I still do compare myself to them. This mental torture is in all of us. This quote really helped me when I saw it because I suddenly realised that all I have to do is keep pushing forward at my own pace. Keep doing what I’m doing and if I keep at it eventually I achieve whatever I set to achieve.

So what do you think of this quote of the week – don’t compare your beginnings? Have you got similar experiences? Let me know. Have a great week everyone!

Karolina Barnes


P.S. I found this quote on Pinterest, you can follow my inspirational Quote folder here.


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