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I used to buy magazines all the time. Grazia, Vogue, Ideal Home, OK magazines were my favourites. I had a subscription to Elle Decoration, Kitchen & Bathrooms and Interior Design. I was a proper magazine junkie!

However, that all changed around last Septeber when I started my blog on Blogger. I found this new world of inspiration, images, ideas, how to articles and e-books that I would have never found in a hard copy magazine. You know when you buy a magazine you find few pages or articles interesting and you might even learn something new but the rest of the magazine doesn’t give you anything?

Well, once I discovered these other blogs I found that there were no such pages. Everything you are interested in you can find on someone’s blog. I started following a few of them and even commented and joined in conversations. As the list of my favourite blogs grew I found more difficult to keep up with their latest posts, unless I subscribed via email. When I transferred my blog from Blogger platform to my own website I discovered Bloglovin.

First I thought it’s only for registering blogs on a search database but over the last couple of months I realised that it’s so much more. You can literally create your own magazine. Here is how it works..

1. You create your own account with email, facebook or twitter accounts
2. Start following blogs

Here is my example. I like interiors, fashion, beauty and recipes. The blogs I follow are divided into these categories:

For interiors I follow:
1. Decor8
2. Design Sponge
3. Mimosa Lane

For fashion I follow:
1. The Blonde Salad
2. Whowhatwear

For beauty I follow:
Vivianna Does Make Up

For recipes I follow:

You can have as many blogs as you want, if you click on my profile you will see I have around 60. I think this is an ideal number of blogs to keep up with. I’m still in early days so I will see how it goes. Imagine that each blog is like a page in a real magazine. You choose how many pages you want to read.

You can get the bloglovin app on your phone or tablet and start reading your own magazine. Your feed looks similar to the one on facebook or twitter,  like this..

Simple reading on the go and so interesting. No more flicking through boring pages! No more heavy magazines. So go on, start your own magazine today. Start following me here and browse through my list to find who else you want to follow.

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday!


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