Roman blinds for conservatory

My friend asked me to find her a nice fabric for Roman blinds to go with her Sanderson dandelion wallpaper which she already has in her conservatory. It’s not really a conservatory as such, it’s more like an open plan

kitchen/diner/living space with 3 large glass door at the rear wall of the space and glass panelled ceiling. The view is on her back garden.  She doesn’t have a big budget and wants to save as much as possible while having something with a big impact and elegance.  In her case it’s very difficult to get a ready made blind because the drop is 200cm but most standard blinds have a drop of only 160cm which are mostly made for windows, not door. Here are my suggestions…

OPTION 1. Simple contrasting border on sides

OPTION 2. Double contrasting bands

OPTION 3. Teal contrasting band in the middle with yellow bands on sides

OPTION 4. Full border in contrasting yellow

While keeping with the same colour scheme as the wallpaper I want to introduce some texture for interest. Take a closer look at the fabrics.

The main one would be this basket woven fabric..

At £10 per metre is the most cost effective choice because she would need around 6 metres.

For contrasted border I would go for satin like this one..

Still very well priced at £15 per metre. She would need 2 metres.

I would also include this polycotton mix in teal..

She would need 2 metres of this one which would cost her £40.

In total she would need to spend £130 on all fabrics plus if she wanted a blackout lining it would be additional £35. The Roman blind kit I could get her for £20 and she would need 3. We could fit under £320 inclusive of labour. This would mean that each one would cost her £100 which is absolutely brilliant considering that one bespoke blind at a local curtain and blind specialist would for around £217! Meaning I would be saving her £331. Result!

Stay tuned for updates. By the way which option would you go for? Any particular you like?


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